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By Isoken ogiemwonyi

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”Described as ‘Nigeria’s Secret Weapon’ by The Economist, Harambeans are young African entrepreneurial leaders who are spearheading social and business ventures across Africa, including Andela in Nigeria, Spark Schools in South Africa, and Rides for Lives in Uganda. Harambeans are also driving change within influential organizations such as the Harambe GlaxoSmithKline Fellow. The efforts of Harambeans have been recognized by Vanity Fair, McKinsey, and The Queen of the United Kingdom.

For a long time I was of two minds about this experience – It was simultaneously rewarding and draining – but ultimately I’m  grateful for the opportunity. An incredible experience, and I came away from it with some lifelong friends and an expanded global and pan-African network.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m in some illustrious company as well! I enjoyed some parts more than others, and I was EXHAUSTED in the end, but I would definitely recommend applying – if you meet the criteria (the process is … lol.. the longest) but well worth it and is instructive in its own way.

 Day One: Yale SOM

We got off too a vigorous start! Most of the day was spent introducing our ventures, and a very stimulating (and slightly unnerving) ‘vulnerability’ session where everyone shared their failures and what they learnt from it.
Despite the varying venture sizes and stages , there were so many similarities in the challenges and struggles, especially for hose of us who operate on the continent. I’m (not? lol) ashamed to say I burst into tears at some point, when I gave mine. Needless to say , I. Was. Mortified.
But what an icebreaker that was eh?

Photo 23-05-2016, 17 45 41 Photo 23-05-2016, 17 46 07 Photo 23-05-2016, 17 46 20 Photo 23-05-2016, 17 46 24


‘Entrepreneurship is like giving birth through your nostrils’
Emma was by far one of the best, and her vulnerability session resonated with me so much.
Also – that quote kills me everytime!


Dinner was yum – It was also  when I presented my venture – I wish I’d had the presence of mind to get someone to record it! Also bumped into my childhood best friend Fona Osunloye – small world! She was hosting us as the president of the Yale African Business Club. #YoungAchievers

Day Two: Harvard 

A full day of panels, presentations and seminars.

Photo 09-04-2016, 8 35 51 PM (4)

Photo 09-04-2016, 8 42 26 PM

Photo 09-04-2016, 8 42 33 PM

Photo 09-04-2016, 8 42 29 PM

Photo 10-04-2016, 4 30 19 AM

… because I endlessly enjoy playing with #VSCOCam

Bretton Woods

 Roadmapping, UpSkilling & ‘Do’ Tank-ing.


Photo 10-04-2016, 1 50 23 PM (1)

Photo 10-04-2016, 5 08 58 PM

Photo 10-04-2016, 5 09 20 PM

Photo 10-04-2016, 7 48 28 PM (1)

Photo 10-04-2016, 5 09 22 PM

Photo 10-04-2016, 5 09 26 PM (1)

Photo 10-04-2016, 7 52 33 PM

Boardroom Bants.

Photo 10-04-2016, 5 04 35 PM

IMG_2899 harambe IMG_5047

After a manic day with everything from an intense session with Kwami Williams of Moringa Connect to photoshoots in the FREEZING COLD. We got to let our hair down with dinner and drinks. #FunTimes

Photo 11-04-2016, 2 45 31 AM (2)

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What I Wore

Day 1

Obsidian Monochrome Chevron Print Peplum Set . Similiar here or try this

Nicholas Kirkwood Chevron Pointy Toe Heels. Similiar here, here and here.

Miss Selfridge Carnelian Earrings. Similiar here and here . Love these too

Day 2

Shirt Co Lagos Monochrome Stripe Blouse . Similiar here or try this or this

Obsidian Crepe Striped Pencil Skirt. Similiar here, here and here. Love this too

Tod’s Creamy Gold Drivers. Try this and this

Le Reve Pieces Coin Detail Necklace. Try this and this

Day 3

Shirt Co Lagos White Shirt .Similiar here or try this

TNL Cobalt ‘Get Waisted’ pants. Similiar here, here and here. Love this too

ZARA Necklace. Try this and this


Nuraniya Peach Butterfly Sleeve Dress . Try this

Tory Burch Leopard Print ‘Reva’ Pumps. Try this and this

Raya Jewelry Druzy Rings. Try this and this

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