H&M Pink Pleated Skirt Gucci peyton

Pink Pleats & Gucci Peyton

By a million pinks

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The Gucci Peyton

H&M Pink Pleated Skirt

H&M Pink Pleated Skirt

H&M Pink Pleated Skirt

H&M Pink Pleated Skirt

H&M Pink Pleated Skirt

With a blog called A Million Pinks, yet I’m somehow surprised by my love of the hue- I’m neither a girlie girl nor a 5-year old, but here I am. I have so many pink pieces in my wardrobe it’s foolish. And clearly, it’s not just the acceptable millennial pink, but deep fuchsias and everything in between. See the top and skirt above.

Now let me discuss my top buy of 2017*, the Gucci Peyton! This was another surprise, because who knew I could be obsessed with a bloody square toe- I didn’t. But I love them and you’ll be seeing a lot of them this year.

*I didn’t do my Top 10 Buys of 2017 (whoops!) I’ll do it before my official New Year, mid-February, before my birthday. AKA the main perk of being born so early in the year, I get to postpone my New Year resolutions, those 6 weeks are my practice time 😛


1 Thought to Pink Pleats & Gucci Peyton

  1. Jessica Lacy January 29, 2018 at 10:28 am

    These are amazing pictures and you are looking so gorgeous In that pink outfit.