Zara suit converse

Green Suit & Adidas Sneakers

By a million pinks

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Zara suit converse Zara suit converse Zara Suit & converse Zara suit converse

I am a sucker for suiting, maybe it’s the instant outfit aspect. The versatility afforded by choosing between a t-shirt and a formal white shirt. Even the switch-up between a white or black tee . Or comfy sneakers and heels. I will wear a classic black suit or a suit in just about any colour. It’s a weakness. Or a strength?

Zara suit converse Zara suit converse Zara suit converse



Blazer- Zara (try this or this)

T-Shirt- Zara (try this)

Trousers- Zara (try this or this)

Sneakers- Stan Smith

Hoops- Topshop

Lips- MAC Diva (also love this)

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