We Made It! Shock and Awe!

Tis The Season ..

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Graduation Style

We Made It! Shock and Awe!


.. To be grateful you got through it. Exaggeration, kind of. Uni was fun. Most of the time. The privilege is one I am extremely grateful for (mostly). The last three years were some of the fastest and most trying times of my life. So when it was all successfully over, it was nice to celebrate, not just my achievement but that of all the fabulous friends I made along the way. In that spirit, I attended quite a few graduations. Emotional times ☺. At Durham, they spanned four days, mine being on the last day. A real dress up galore.

I decided on dressed-down suits for the three preceding graduations and a dress for mine.


Day 1

 Graduation Style, Navy suit

Blazer- Zara (similar here)

Trousers- Zara (similar here or here)

Shoes- Alexander Wang Ingrid

Top- Zara (similar here)

Sunglasses- H&M (similar here or here)

Lipstick- MAC ‘Snob’ lipstick

Day 2


Graduation Style, Pink Suit

What the tee says?

Blazer- Zara (similar here or here)

Trousers- Zara (similar here or here)

T-Shirt- Zara (similar here, here or here)

Shoes- Converse

Necklace- Zara (similar here)



Day 3


Graduation Style, Blush Suit


graduation style, african bloggers, black bloggers, brogues

With the Girlies! Fopsiana-Day!


Blazer- H&M (similar here or here)

Top- Zara (similar here or here)

Trousers- H&M (similar here)

Shoes- Alexander Wang Ingrid



Day 4- My Graduation!


This day was extra special because it was also my Grandma’s birthday!

Neon Dress, Graduation Style

Newly-minted graduate!


Graduation Style, Neon Dress

Fresh from the Cathedral!

Dress- Asos

Shoes- Versace for H&M (similar here or here)

Bag- Zara (similar here)



This was from my cousin’s graduation awhile after.

Graduation Style, Formal trousers

Top- Zara (similar here)

Trousers- River Island (similar here)

Shoes- Rachel Zoe (similar here)

Bag- Alexander Wang (same style here)

Necklace- Zara (similar here)

Watch- Michael Kors

Sunglasses- Zara (similar here)

Photos by Lamide

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