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Dear Designer- Gucci

By a million pinks

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Dear Designer is an open letter, because every once in a while I fall in love with something, but I wish it was a different colour or different size, you get the drift. Case in point, the Gucci Lady Lock.

Gucci LadyLock

Gucci Lady Lock

Earlier in the summer, I decided that this bag had to be mine. Preferably my next birthday present (wink wink* loved ones) or Christmas present (forget Santa, please Jesus!). I must add, I like it in black. I do. Nice and Classic blah blah blah, so this is a less annoying case. However, my dreams conjure this image of The Lady, in red leather with gold hardware. Can you see it too? Yes? Beautiful, isn’t she? Sigh .. Dreams .. Please Gucci. Thoughts?

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