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Links Around the Web This Week – Fashion, Entrepreneurship & Tech

1. Having a seventies moment. naturally it translated to a  fun shoot for ZAZAII. Liz Awoliyi killed it!(

2. Brilliant article about the MOPICON nonsense. The quote at the end is everything !!(I’m a little unreasonable about Atlas Shrugged. I adore that book) Read it here  (

3. Facebook Live is really becoming a thing . (

4.  It’s official. Dermarolling  is my new experiment-in-waiting. MUST.TRY. (

5.#TrumpDumped. I would laugh if it wasn’t so scary. The man is a lunatic. (

6. Chloë  Sevigny + Jimmy Choo = True Love (

7. Maki Oh! Incroyable . (

8. Vince is restructuring…

9. Lululemon is pivoting. So interesting. (

10. Interesting take on the Buy Now phenomenon. (BOF.Com). I should really write about this soon.

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